The Best of Joris Van den Hauwe

Joris Van den Hauwe

„Playing the oboe feels like a privilege to me” by Thiemo Wind

Joris Van den Hauwe belongs to the unique circle of international oboe musicians. This compilation CD provides a brief summary of the various recordings he has made over the years. “Yet this is only one aspect of me,” is the almost apologetic comment from the inspired and versatile musician. He was the first to perform the Sequenza for oboe by Luciano Berio in Belgium and also premiered many other modern works. “I could easily fill a CD with contemporary music.”

“Sometimes, I catch myself thinking: what if I had focused on nothing but the oboe? I don’t know. When you’re 53, you put your ambitions into perspective: should you not just be happy with what gives you artistic satisfaction? I still dream of being able to do certain things, but not because they can help me advance in my career, but because they can help me as a person. I’m talking about existential growth”.